Lessons & Festivals!

I teach hammer dulcimer lessons at my home in NE Portland. I currently charge $60 for a one hour lesson. I’m happy to work long distance via the internet.
Beginning students focus on learning satisfying yet simple tunes while acquiring stick (hammer!) technique and familiarization with tuning, scales and chord patterns. I strive to help beginner student acquire techniques for learning and playing music on their own.
I’m happy to teach either/both by ear and from notation.
With advanced players I help with arrangements, technique, repertoire, and, of course, tips on high fashion for the professional.
The Hammer Dulcimer Rendezvous is an annual festival which takes place in Sandy, Oregon. The Rendezvous was the brainchild of my good friend Pete Ballerstedt, who kept it going pretty much singlehandedly for over a decade. I have taken on the responsibility of organizing this fun event. Check out the Rendezvous Pages to learn about this friendly and rewarding HD Festival!
Aside from teaching at a number of dulcimer festivals, I’ve performed at all manner of music festivals. Great fun!

Dan Compton, Steve Einhorn, and Mick Doherty at the Northwest Folklife Festival, sometime in the 1980s — photo by Dale Blindheim