2015 Schedule

We’ve added a 5th workshop this year.

Also, we’ve made one session a “two part” workshop. So, 5 levels, 5 workshops over 6 workshop sessions. 25 separate workshops. (I freaked Mike Ingram out when I mentioned 30 workshops — adding too much work for his DVD project already!)

We took a look at adding a workshop space in the Shop at Hull Park, but it was a bit too drafty looking. Instead, we’re dedicating a dorm room to teaching the beginners (the smallest group) which freed us up to add more sessions, as follows:

Beginner — Dorm Room #1
Novice — Office
Intermediate — Dorm Lobby
Intermediate/Advanced — Rec Room
Advanced — Lodge

Advanced players will again have to break down their instruments to make room for other stuff: Two concerts, two Panel Discussions, and Open Mic. (Last year the Panel Discussions were too crowded, said the feedback, so we’ve moved ‘em to the Lodge.)

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