2024 Raffle

Yep, we’re doing the Raffle again. As folks send in pictures & verbiage, I’ll load ’em on to this page.

From James Ireland:
“Here’s something for the raffle!
Set of 4 hand woven placemats.  My recently retired wife is deep into her crafts, so we have a lot of nice handmade items starting to build up ;)

Lady Kennaway click that link, there, to the left!

Whimsical Dunes. click that link, there, to the left!

dulcimer case
A brand new, but small HD case — Well made, but a unique size!
Long rail is 40″, Short rail 18″, it’s normal depth and 19″ wide. Nancy Downie ordered this from Masterworks, but the manufacturers made a boo boo, and it was undersized for her Masterworks. But: it fits a compact, or a 12/11 with plenty of room to spare. Russel told Nancy he couldn’t use it, no need to send it back… So she donated it to the Raffle.