2022 Raffle

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Steve Scarborough has donated a stay at the Oregon Coast — details and location spelled out below. Check out the photos at the highlighted links. This is a great prize!

Steve and Allison Scarborough have donated a stay at the central Oregon coast in one of two comfortable vacation rentals! See below for details!

If a person happens to be free on August 18-22, they can stay at the Lady Kennaway in Yachats.  Deb and I can attest to the comfort of this lovely home, and the incredible view of the Pacific Ocean!

— Lady Kennaway:  August 18-22 Three nights at Lady Kennaway (have 4 nights, 3 days)

Estimated value: $2,793.70

If those dates are not convenient for the winner, they can look at the websites and pick any available 2 nights/3 days at either The Lady Kennaway in Yachats or Whimsical Dunes in Waldport:

The Lady Kennaway (Yachats)

Whimsical Dunes (Waldport)

Jim Wells has donated a charming zither. Don Maclane is bringing some of his custom carbon fiber hammers. Jason Hoover is donating a metal print (a great way to print photos!) of one of his original photographs. Dick Dery is donating a collection of instructional materials. Zap us any pictures of items you’re donating!

Jim Wells is donating this charming zither!

Don Maclane, local and brilliant engineer/inventor, is donating some of his work. He writes, “Here is a batch of carbon fiber shafted (way stiffer than Sam’s) hammers that I will bring for the circus.” Don’s referring to Sam Rizzetta’s carbon fiber shafted hammers.

Don is referring to some somewhat floppy carbon fiber shafted hammers that our genius and dear friend Sam Rizzetta brought to the ‘Vous. Sam, always a pioneer in hammer dulcimer design, did a lot of great experimentation with carbon fiber. (The carbon fiber strips in the long rails of my Dusty Strings D670 work wonders at helping the hammerbox hold it’s tune!)

Jason Hoover is bringing a 10X15 inch metal print of his photograph!
Music Boxes donated by Mishele Mennett
Music note magnets donated by Mishele Mennett
John Shader is donating a quartet (octet?) of hammers!
Colville is donating a pound fresh (roasted just a couple weeks ago!) Kona coffee!
Jason Foy has donated these Low Whistles: 
Howard Low C – nice mellow tone, reach not too bad for a C.  Came from a “seconds” batch, very minor cosmetic flaws but still plays perfectly. 
Howard Low D – good workhorse whistle!  Purchased around 2000, and played heavily since.  Fipple was replaced around 2016 with a newer design from the maker.  
Nightingale Low E whistle by Alexander Karavayev – Decent whistle, good volume and tone, but above average air requirements.  Non-tunable model.  

Jason has also donated this mandolin from Lark in the Morning, doesn’t remember the maker. Celtic style mandolin, not very loud, but pretty good sustain.  Would make a good starter or travel instrument.