The 2020 Hammer Dulcimer Rendezvous has been cancelled due to coronavirus.

On March 24, 2020, as something for folks to play around with while dealing with coronavirus isolation, Mick recorded a two handed version of Southwind.   You can find the video and the notation here.

The Hammer Dulcimer Rendezvous is an annual festival for students and aficionados of the hammer dulcimer.

The 2020 ‘Vous is scheduled for  May 14-17 at Hull Park in Sandy, Oregon —

We’re sorry to report that the 2020 Rendezvous 

HAS BEEN CANCELLED due to coronavirus.

Mick and Pete composed an email message that went out to the participant list on March 16.  If participants did not receive the email, please contact Mick directly.  (Spam filters and individual email account settings can sometimes hide our missives!)

Refunds have all been mailed, as of this morning, Saturday, March 21.  (Registrants — please let me know if you haven’t received yours in a week or so.)


****   CANCELLED  ****

Registration for workshops and dorms is mostly filled!  We have started waiting lists for some workshop levels,  and have just a few dorm beds available.  For folks who have the dates open on their calendar, email Mick to find which workshop levels have openings..

We’re happy to announce that Karen Alley and Mark Alan Wade have accepted invitations to be our “Import Instructors” for this year.  After negotiations (in an undisclosed location) with our staff of Local Heroes, we are happy to announce that Marina Albero, Simon Chrisman, Carolyn Cruso, Rick Fogel and Carl Thor have all agreed to come and share their talents with us through workshops and performances.  Not to be missed, Maestro Hossein Salehi will present a concert of traditional santoor music. Mick Doherty (your humble scribe, at this moment), after having a lot of fun tutoring at the Nonesuch Dulcimer Club’s gathering in England in October, is contemplating teaching a workshop this year, after sitting out instructing during the 2019 ‘Vous.

Check in on this page for general notices, or better yet, get on our email update list. Updates go out a few times a year, usually just before and after the ‘Vous, and then again when Registration begins in the fall and winter months.

To get on our email update list, please contact Mick Doherty.

*******  CANCELLED  ******  On-site check-in will start at noon on Thursday, May 14. The Rendezvous will wrap up at noon on Sunday, May 17.

The event features workshops for hammer dulcimer players at all skill levels from beginning to advanced, as well as instructor concerts, panel discussions, jam sessions, an open mic concert, a chance to buy recorded music, instructional books and musical items from our instructors’ tables of wares, and a raffle of items donated by participants.

Hull Park features dorm rooms (2 twin beds per room), several discreet sound spaces for workshops and jams, a professional kitchen (and staff!) as well as a newly constructed shower facility. On-site RV parking (no hook-ups) and camping (lots of good lawns, and on a clear day, a view of Mount Hood), as well as nearby hotels are further lodging options for registrants.

Pete Ballerstedt is our noble founder, and maintainer of a Facebook page where you can see photos and hear some folks playing at previous Rendezvous.

Mick Doherty