Hammer Dulcimer mp3s, youtube, videos, etc!

Holy smokes! For ages I ignored the fact that this page had but one wee link on it. Initially I had the best intentions of filling it up with some home made mp3 files, but only uploaded the one, see below.
Then I realized that you can hear just about any musician on youtube, if you know their name.

Speaking of which, we’ve put the entire Trail Band catalogue on youtube, where you can hear it all for free — a lot of stuff I’ve played HD on (as well as bass and ever so often, guitar. Free? What were we thinking? If you see a song you’d like to hear, go on the youtube site, key in the song title plus “Trail Band” and bingo, there it is!

Pete Ballersted maintains the HD Rendezvous Facebook page, and has put up some fun videos from late night jam sessions.

La Llorona, Mexican folk melody, played by Mick Doherty

As an example of the versatility of the dulcimer, here’s an MP3 sample of a recording I made of the well known Mexican folk tune “La Llorona”.

This version of “La Llorona” is inspired by the playing of Pedro Ruiz, a great salterio player who made a record in the 1970’s called “The Mexican Psaltery”. Salterio is the Mexican version of the hammer dulcimer, although in fact it is often plucked with finger-picks. I recorded this at home on dulcimer, guitar and string bass.